Dr. Kaveh Kavoosi

Dr. Kaveh Kavoosi

April 1, 2022 0

My name is Kaveh Kavoosi.

I practice emergency medicine. I am honoured to support people in some of their greatest times of need. In addition, I am fascinated by the body & nature of existence. To me, what that means is I am dedicated to deepening the connection people have to their lives, and I am grateful to support them in their daily health concerns & needs.

My curiosity in medicine has my dedication to a philosophy of which I am not just maintaining an individual, but treating them & preventing disease or unhealthy ways of being. My approach has evolved, and I have a strong belief in the capacity of therapeutic approaches that have individuals confront challenges they face both physically & psychologically, and I aim to seize the opportunity to make an impact on patients, the community and also future health care providers. 

Through my preventative medicine philosophy I will remind people the depth to which ‘Life’ can be absorbed, cherished and experienced. 

I look forward to supporting you & working with you.

Kaveh Kavoosi, MD