Non-OHIP Service Fees

Making Your Life Better

All Med Health practice is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality medical care and cost effective non OHIP medical care. Our office accepts cash only.


The Ministry of Health no longer pays for certain procedures.  The cost of the following procedures is the responsibility of the patient.  Our office accepts cash only.

Doctor’s note start at $20.00 *Cost depends on length & detail
Doctor’s letter start at $40.00*Cost depends on length & detail
Letter for massage therapy, orthotics, compression stockings $25.00
Missed Annual Health Examination$70.00
Missed Booked Appointment$40.00
TB Skin test injection$30.00
TB Skin test reading$20.00
TB Form or Letter$20.00
Wart Treatment
1-2 warts $15.00
3-5 warts $20.00
11-20 warts$35.00
Plantar Wart (Warts on feet)No charge (covered by OHIP)
Driver’s/Third Party Physical Exam $120.00 (Family practice patients only)
Insurance Forms $40.00 – $130.00

        (Depending on type of form to be completed doctors will provide price)

Attending Physician Statement$130.00 *Cost depends on length & detail
Travel Consultation visit$60.00(Includes initial injection if done during the same visit)
Travel Vaccine Injection Only $20.00
Regular visit with no Health Card$40.00
Out of Country Emergency Visit$75.00
Transfer of Records to Patient $60.00