Dr. Mobolaji Esuruoso

Dr. Mobolaji Esuruoso

April 25, 2021 0

Dr Mo Esuruoso Graduated from Windsor University , ST. Kitts ,  West Indies with a MD Degree in 2008 and thereafter moved to the UK. Dr Mo Esuruoso studied a Master’s in public health in the Bournemouth ,  Southwest of England to further broaden his knowledge and completed this programme with MSC in Public health in June 2010.

Dr Mo Esuruoso has worked in various Medical and surgical sub-specialties for several years and has since joined the West Midlands deanery, Birmingham , and in February 2017 he worked as a Trainee in UK Family Medicine.

Dr Mo Esuruoso graduated in January 2020 with a MRCGP Certification in Family Medicine.  He is currently an active Member of the Royal college of General practitioners in the UK and is also registered with the CFPC in Canada.

Dr Esuruoso  has a special interest in Musculoskeletal and Joint problems. Other interests include:  Football; Chess,  Formula 1;  Travel and has taken a keen interest in Golf lately.